If you want to get the best results while using penile extension devices, you need to use the best. We have done all the hard work for you and compiled a list of the 3 best penile extension devices on the market.

1. Quick extender pro penis extender

My top pick for the best penile extension devices is the quick extender pro penis extender. This penis extender is the go-to choice for most men worldwide because it is very effective, gives quick and quality results, easy to use, and is 100% safe. It is indeed a top penis extender both for penile curvature correction and penis enlargement. Quick extender pro penis extender can help to increase your penis size by up to 32% in just a few months of use.

Quick extender pro penis extender is the only penis extender on the planet that uses a double strap support system, which provides maximum tension and comfort along the shaft and tip, thus maximizing your gains without causing any pain. This penis extender is also super comfortable and can be used for an extended period without feeling awkward. It can also be used to correct curvatures left behind by Peyronie’s disease.


-It is equipped with a double strap support system that provides maximum comfort
-Deliver excellent results in correcting penile curvatures caused by Peyronie’s disease
-Permanent increase in both length and girth
-Very affordable
-All purchases are backed with six months money-back guarantee
-Very affordable
-Compact and lightweight
-Easy to use and maintain

2. PHALLOSAN forte penis extender

Another great penis extension device is the PHALLOSAN forte. This device can earn you up to 2 inches of natural growth in length without painful surgery or pills. In addition, to increase your penis size, it also helps to straighten your penis by eliminating penis curvature and penis plastica.

PHALLOSAN forte has been successfully tested in German clinics and is painless, reliable, and very comfortable. It can be worn overnight for up to 8 hours without feeling pain or discomfort. It also gives quick results. After only a few days of wearing this penile extension device, you will start noticing positive results. The good news is that the result that this device gives is permanent.

If you want to increase your penis size or straighten it, wearing PHALLOSAN forte is a great choice it will help you achieve a larger, straighter penis and ever harder erections thus enhancing your sex life. PHALLOSAN forte package is discreet meaning no one will know is what inside the box


-Suitable for all penis size
-Super comfortable and be worn for eight straight hours
-No side effects
-Super compact and cannot be visible from the outside
-It acts gently and effectively
-Discreet packaging
-It gives permanent results

3. Size genetics penis extender

Size genetics penis extender is one of the most powerful penis extenders on the market today. If you want to increase your penis size, straighten your penis or attain a stronger, harder refection for enhancing sexual performance, then Size Genetics penis extender is the ideal choice for you.

Size genetics penis extender has been around for about two decades and has helped thousands of men across the world achieve a permanent gain in both length and girth. This penis extender is designed using multi-directional angling (MDA) technology that allows you to wear the extender from any angle for maximum comfort.

This penis extender is super lightweight, comfortable, durable, and very effective, it has been clinically tested and proven to give quick and permanent results. Its super-compact design means you can wear it discreetly under clothing for long period. You can wear this penis extender for up to 12 hours without feeling uncomfortable or in pain.

Size genetics penis extender is also delivered discreetly to your home to ensure privacy. This device has been endorsed by penis enlargement surgeons, featured in repeatable magazines such as GQ and men’s health, and also reviewed and recommended by male enhancement communities. It is the best penis extender if you want to correct curvature, increase your penis size or attain a stronger erection.


-100% safe
-Discreet package for privacy
-It corrects curvature and increases your penis size
-Multi-directional angling (MDA) technology for enhanced comfort
-Easy to use
-Compact and can be worn discretely under clothing

Let’s not lie, penis size matters to women. Recent research showed that 85% of women prefer a bigger penis over an average or small penis. Having a bigger penis means deeper penetration and a powerful orgasm. In other words, a bigger penis usually results in greater sexual satisfaction for most women. Research shows that the average penis size is about 5 inches. Some men have a penis size of about 3 inches which is way below the average size. If you have a small penis size or if you are not satisfied with your penis size, the best option is to use penis enlargement methods to increase its size.

For many years, only two penis enlargement techniques were available. They include the use of pills and surgery. Unfortunately, these two methods are not 100% safe and subject users to risk such as erectile dysfunction, infections among many others. Additionally, the use of pills only gives short-term results.

Fortunately, now there is a more effective, natural, and 100% way to increase your penis size- penile extension devices. Penis extension devices are easy to use, safe, and are very effective in increasing penis size. They also correct curvatures and improve erectile function in a matter of weeks. Penile extension devices use a penile traction technique that is super safe to stretch your penile tissue and trigger the growth of new cells. This, in turn, increases penis length and girth. Penile extension devices can increase penis size by up to 3 inches in as little as 60 days without subjecting you to side effects as is the case with pills and surgery.

Have you heard of the “dick stretching”? It is a known fact that the penis can be stretched to achieve a longer and thicker penis. This method has been known to help many men increase their sexual stamina, especially when used regularly over a long period of time. The only problem with this process is that it may cause permanent damage to the tissue of the penis. So what are the dangers of dick stretching?

The truth is that there are no known dangers of penis stretching at all. It all boils down to two things. One is the stretching itself and the other is the resulting pain after the stretching is done. You see, the stretching is what makes the penis grow in the first place. It is only when the penis is stretched that the tissue is torn or damaged.

When you do penis stretching exercises you are stretching the tissues and ligaments in your penis. These tissues and ligaments are made up of tough spongy tissue and they can be injured pretty easily if you aren’t careful. The spongy tissue and ligaments get very stretched and when you do them for too long they begin to tear which means they will lose their elasticity and thus will not be able to stretch anymore.

So how do you avoid this? You should never do the stretching exercises by yourself. Instead, you should only let a certified penis enlargement specialist perform them. Why a specialist? Because the specialist has been trained and is experienced in knowing how to perform these stretches the right way so that they don’t damage your penis.

So what happens when you are stretching your penis? Your penis will get very warm and the ligaments around it will get very taut. If done correctly, it will feel like someone is squeezing your dick. This is because the ligaments are being stretched. When this happens, the tissue around the penis will be irritated and you will probably start to see red spots forming on your dick after a while.

However, all is not lost. All this does is make your penis become bigger in size. It’s just going to take time and some effort on your part. A penis enlargement exercise program will help speed up the process as well as increasing blood flow to the penis.

So how do you know that penis enlargement exercise is the right one for you? The right penis exercise for you will depend on what you hope to achieve. If you just want to increase the girth of your penis, then you might want to start out with telling. For those who want to increase the length of their penis, then they might want to start out with the hanging leg exercise. These are just a few examples of the different penis enlargement exercises that you can try.

So to answer the original question, a penis enlargement exercise will increase the size of your penis. However, it will also increase your sexual stamina, along with making you have more control over when you ejaculate. Just remember that any exercise for your penis needs to be done properly in order to be effective. Take your time and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. You definitely wouldn’t be the first penis enlargement exercise to try. Try some other things along with a penis enlargement exercise for a while to see if it doesn’t work for you.

I’ve found that the best stretching exercises to date are the ones that involve some sort of milking or masturbation involved. This way you get both the stretching and the milking benefits from one exercise. Another benefit that this type of exercise will give you is that you will learn how to control your erection better. While this may seem like a useless tip, if you are a guy in love with his girlfriend, then you should find out how to keep from getting an erection so that you can help her achieve the biggest orgasm of her life.

While there are many benefits to performing the welding and hanging leg exercise, they are not the only things that you can benefit from. One of the best things about a penis enlargement exercise is that it is simple and natural. This means that you don’t have to put anything into your body that isn’t healthy. You won’t be ingesting steroids, silicone, or anything else that may end up causing harm to your body or your health in any way. And, as I mentioned above, you can perform this exercise from the privacy of your own home. You don’t have anyone bothering you while you’re exercising your penis.

The last thing that you should keep in mind when doing a penis enlargement exercise is the fact that it is going to take time. Don’t expect to see results immediately. It is going to take months for you to see even small gains. However, if you stick with it, the end result will definitely be worth the wait.

Penis stretching is only one method available for those wanting to increase penis size. And its relative non-invasive nature makes it a very popular, first-line choice. But the big question remains: does it work? Here’s my answer.

There are two methods that are quite popular penis stretching exercises, and are relatively safe. They are also among the most effective penis enlargement techniques known. The first is Kegel exercises, which have been used for years with great success in increasing women’s sexual pleasure. The second is a variant on that – the PC flex exercise. Both are based on holding your penis in a stretched position for a period of time (generally 20 minutes) and then relaxing it again.

So how do they work? Most penis stretching exercises work by adding further length to the penis as you exercise it. The additional length enables you to better handle your erection and bring it to a firmer, more satisfying state. In effect, you gain more control over the length and girth of your erection, which will, cumulatively, give you greater sexual pleasure.