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For millions of victims on the path to recovery, I AM ME is the next step.

This is my story of childhood abuse, sibling bullying and hiding from who I was.  I am a survivor and want to help others heal as I did from my trauma and show them there is hope.

I AM ME touches on the following:

  • Explore my strategies for survival and healing
  • Help survivors identify and validate their childhood experiences
  • My experience of a devastating and traumatic encounter with my bullying brother that changed my life forever
  • My first gay relationship, which mirrors the emotional and psychological traumas of my past life
  • My emergence as a gay man and my first experience of truly loving another man
  • Efforts to deny my sexuality and hide who I really was to please everyone else
  • How I worked through issues such as trust, intimacy, and sexual confusion

Statistics show that most boys and men do not come forward about abuse out of shame and fear.  I was one of those statistics but after years of depression and attempts with suicide I decided it was time to tell my story.  I hid my entire life to please my family and others around me out of fear that they would disown me and not accept me for me.  I want to help others who suffer and show them that not only can they survive but I can help them with the steps they need to take to enjoy life again.

About Patrick Dati

Patrick Dati is a survivor of child abuse and years of bullying.  Patrick is now a nationally recognized Child Advocate seeking to promote increased awareness of child abuse and bullying, and deliver a message of hope onto victims.

I AM ME helps educate survivors and others who just want to learn more about the pain, needs, fears, hopes and the recovery process of an adult survivor.

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